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  • Psychosocial and Behavioral Aspects of IBD Care

    In this module, we’ll examine the psychological side of IBD, highlighting its emotional impact on patients and caregivers, the complex relationship between physical and mental symptoms, and the necessity of multidisciplinary care. We’ll also emphasize the importance of comprehensive and proactive mental health strategies to support patients’ well-being.

  • The Emotional Impact of IBD

    In this chapter, we’ll explore the emotional landscape of IBD, shedding light on its mental health ramifications, hidden struggles, and the role of social determinants, while recognizing the impact on caregivers, providing supportive resources, and advocating for a comprehensive approach to IBD care.

    Presented by Megan Riehl, PsyD

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  • Role of the Multidisciplinary Care Team in Psychosocial Care for IBD

    In this chapter, we’ll discuss the prevalence and impact of psychological disorders associated with IBD and showcase multidisciplinary care models. We’ll underscore the extent to which IBD can impact the psychosocial wellbeing of patients while emphasizing the pivotal role of multidisciplinary teamwork in supporting patients’ whole-person care throughout their journey.

    Presented by Stephen Lupe, PsyD

    Available from 28 June 2044
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  • The Brain and IBD: Not a One-Way Street

    Emotional distress is common in chronic illnesses like IBD, increasing stress and intensifying symptoms of disease. In this chapter, we’ll explore the bidirectional relationship between IBD and mental health, analyzing the complexities of the brain-gut-microbiome axis and its manifestation in patients’ symptoms, and emphasizing the importance of psychological screening of patients with IBD.

    Presented by Stephen Lupe, PsyD

    Available from 28 June 2047
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  • Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being

    In this chapter, we’ll discuss approaches to promote the mental health and well-being of patients with IBD. We’ll explore the role of resilience, mindfulness, and support networks, as well as the importance of early intervention, access to mental health resources, open communication, and patient education. We’ll also review coping mechanisms that patients can employ to manage the emotional toll of IBD.

    Available from 28 June 2050
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